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Suzhou Glutek electronics technology co.,ltd. is the expertise supplier for the worldwide chemical products and mechanical and electric products, the enterprise is divided by two sections, including : chemical products' section and Mechanical and Electric section.

A professional supplier of lubricants, adhesives, sealants and relevant equipment, Glutek is dedicated to providing total lubrication and adhesion solutions to different industries. As the partner of many world-famous companies, we create for customers the best solutions by advanced technologies from different suppliers and ours own.

M&E section is main to process and sell all kinds of aluminum products, the stamping and some fixtures, owned some equipments, such as CNC, Precision lathes, stamping machine, milling machine, and grinder machines, and so on, especially have rich experience in the aluminum products processing, all the products are widely applicable in the industry and civil ' field.

Our services range from product selection to application training. Over years we never stop efforts in expanding our product lines and services to better meet customers' needs.

We have accumulated a wealth of experience in industries like automobile, electronics, microelectronics, semi-conductor, machinery, home appliances and medical devices. We would be your trustworthy business partner with our warm attitude, quick respond and professional accomplishment.

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庆祝苏州格罗泰电子科技加入美国HUMISEAL conformal coating产品特约经销体系:
  2012年12月,苏州格罗泰公司的销售经理 Sky 和 Lam Law 很荣幸被邀请在香港金域假日酒店 和HUMISEAL 公司全球销售总监 Keith J.Waryold 和 亚太区销售经理Kenny Kam 商谈 HUMISEAL 在中国的销售发展情况,并达成意向HUMISEAL公司将全力支持苏州格罗泰作为特约授权经销商来开展中国大陆地区的三防涂料的业务。
2015年8月份,涉足办公用品领域,366YOW办公用品商城全新上线,无以伦比的在线购物体验,针对企业的SMART BIN(智能办公柜)全新服务。
胶粘剂 美国 GE Toshiba 润滑剂 锡丝/锡膏/锡棒
美国 Humiseal 美国 Loctite 摩力克 Molykote 日本三禾 Saohar
美国 CRC 工业化学品 施敏打硬 Cemedine 卡斯摩力CASMOLY 日本千住金属 SMIC
拜高化学 Beginor 美国 3M 脱(洗)模剂 设备及耗材
日本信越 ShinEtsu 日本 SONY 日本大金 Daikin 点胶设备
美国 Dow Corning 瑞士爱牢达 Araldite 日本太阳化工 点胶耗材
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